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Tretan Trading Limited can provide your business with access to global opportunities for sourcing those critical raw materials or niche products necessary for operations.

We understand the critical importance of finding exactly the right goods, at the right price, delivered on time  to specified quality standards.  We are specialists at bringing goods and people together.  We can help you reach your goals through connections world-wide.

Some of our products include welded wire mesh (in Stainless Steel and PVC coated), nylon tag pins and guns for the garment industry, air tools and associated hardware for manufacturing, corporate image items like ball caps and so much more. If you are looking for an elusive item for your product line, or a raw material for your manufacturing operations, call us today for professional, effective assistance.

Export Services

Tretan Trading Limited is connected with markets for your products world-wide.  With extensive experience in logistics management, demographic identification and dealer qualifications, Tretan is a partner who can introduce your goods & products to markets around the globe.  Would you like to have access to the multi-billion populations of India and the Orient?  Is your product suited for the discerning consumers of Europe?  Perhaps your brand is culturally oriented and you need to introduce it to the “Mother Land”.  No matter what your export goals are, we can help you create and execute a plan which will increase your market share.  Supply logistics from your door to the dealer can be handled by Tretan allowing you to focus on generating more profitability in other areas of operations.  With standardized processes Tretan will get your goods where they need to be on time!

Procurement Services

Tretan Trading Limited has the right people who will source that elusive raw material your operation needs to increase profitability, create new markets or overcome design challenges.  In addition, we have access to finished goods in many different product categories which will add value to your product lines, increase market share or address customer needs.  Our professional team can work with you, developing and implementing a plan for product procurement and expansion.  We will spend the time getting to know you, your firm and understand your needs.  Through relationship development, we will effectively AND efficiently solve your product procurement problems.

Distribution Services

Tretan Trading Limited has warehousing facilities in the Greater Toronto Area, Southwest Nova Scotia, Delhi (India) and Hong Kong.  With this network, we are able to get Canadian products efficiently into the largely untapped markets for Canadian products in two of the largest populated countries of the world – India and China.  The team at Tretan can provide logistical, lead qualifying and product introduction services for the highly valued and sought after Canadian products.  To start investigating your company’s potential for international trade, call us today!

Markets We Serve

China - Tretan has offices and staff located in China.  There, we can provide the necessary framework to get your goods into this unique consumer driven communist economy.  Due to stiff government controls, it is often difficult to navigate the path from your factory/store to the end user in complex cultures like China.

India - Tretan has partners in India who will work with you to create demand for your goods in this largely untapped market.  With developing economies like India, it can be difficult to steer your way through the supply stream.  The Indian population is increasingly aware of North American goods like health foods, sea foods and wine.  The awareness of living a natural life style and being environmentally conscious is increasing daily.  This makes the Indian market ripe for product introduction.

Europe - The team at Tretan has been working with partners in Europe for over 10 years importing goods.  However, Europeans have a keen eye for quality products.  The East Coast of Canada is well known for its fine wine, seafood and increasing availability of healthful foods like cranberries and blueberries.  Finding the key people to distribute your goods in Europe can be difficult due to the broad range of goods readily available to consumers.  Tretan can provide you with the edge needed to get your product into the hands of the savvy European seeking unsurpassed quality.

Canada - A truly Canadian company, Tretan is established on the Southwestern shores of Nova Scotia.  However, providing your firm with access to markets outside of your province, to any of the other provinces or territories in Canada, can be provided with the assistance of Tretan’s sales force, and logistics networks.

Distributor Services

Tretan Trading will offer its distributors value based on price, quality and customization (where available).  Distributors will have services and support from Tretan which will create traffic to their business and increase overall product exposure.  

Tretan’s distributors can have confidence knowing that we are truly committed to providing products and support for a complete vendor package worth your time and investment.

Tretan seeks to eliminate sales to end-users.  Rather, inquiries from end-users will automatically be directed to the nearest distributor.  

The distributor agreements are designed to allow growth and innovation between Tretan and its dealers.  Applying  for a distributorship is hassle free.

For more information about Tretan Trading Limited Distributor Services contact our corporate office.

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Tretan Trading Limited seeks to import and export goods, improving the economic capacity of firms and communities in Nova Scotia while providing an exciting, safe and dynamic working environment for its employees, with a focus on life-long learning and excellence.

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